About the Joint Gender Fund

The Joint Gender Fund is a funding mechanism consisting of Irish Aid, Ford Foundation, RAITH Foundation and Hivos (as primary contributors). Established in 2008, the Fund operates as part of Hivos South Africa, and emerged from a commitment to enhance the impact of donor funding to civil society in the field of GBV in South Africa.

JGF works to build cohesion and strengthen the response to GBV in South Africa through fundingcapacity enhancement, and strategic sector convenings. Our vision is a strengthened sector (civil society, funders, government and other stakeholders) that is more able to respond to GBV in the context of socio-economic inequality in ways that transform gender relations, address key intersections, and empower women and girls in particular.

The Fund sees itself as contributing towards building a strengthened sector through supporting stronger coordination and collaboration between donors, between civil society organizations, and between government and civil society. The Fund also seeks to enhance leadership and provide funding for innovative programmes that address the drivers of violence against women and girls in South Africa in ways that respond to and transform the underlying causes. JGF supports integrated, comprehensive and transformative civil society interventions to address gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa. We have partners across seven provinces, implementing a diverse array of programmes to respond to GBV and address the root causes of violence.